Your Wedding Day!


Most Important Day Ever!

Experienced / Professional

Most Important Day Ever!

This day should be remembered for all the right reasons!


Make It Memorable!

Experienced / Professional

Most Important Day Ever!

You want all your friends and family to celebrate with you!


Experienced / Professional

Experienced / Professional

Experienced / Professional

With over 2 decades of experience entertaining - ARC Music is right for you!

What you get


Here are all the amazing services you get when you reserve ARC Music for your Wedding reception!

All of the following services are INCLUDED in our package. No up-selling or extra charges for anything below! You deserve the best!!!

If you need something beyond what is listed, let us know!

Sound Equipment - Can You Hear Me Now?

Speakers - Of course you get speakers! It is pretty hard to have music without speakers! You get full range speakers which are perfect for speeches and your party music. Two of our speakers are enough for all but the largest of reception halls! Need more? We can do that too!

Sub-Woofer (optional)  - Once the dance gets going, you are going to want that bass to help feel the music and create that energy! 

Wireless Microphones - It is nice to be able to give the speeches and toasts from the wedding table or anywhere else in the room! 

Lighting - You've Got The Look!

You get one of the Midwest's best DJ lighting systems!  Color changing LED wash lights, moving lights, scanners, lasers, smoke and fog are all computer controlled and included with our lighting system. We can go from a soft romantic glow, to a club atmosphere with the push of a button!

All the speaker and lighting stands are covered for an elegant look, you will get a fog machine to really put the party look OVER THE TOP!, and we even have a laser that will display custom messages just for your event!


Don't worry about having too much fun for too long! You have hired ARC Music for your event! We will go until you are tired, or until the venue's limitations require us to shut down! YES, you can get one more song and get one more dance in without having to pay extra!

FUN! The most important part!!

You and your guests came to celebrate and deserve a fun time!I I will play the music that keeps everyone entertained. I can be as active and interactive as you want me to be! You get a fun, professional and appropriate, DJ for your event!

New in 2019! Your guests can even request songs before your event through the website!!!

Bonuses! - But WAIT! There's More!

Travel within 120 miles of Lincoln, Nebraska is included with your package.


We will show up and setup before your guests arrive. We will MC and coordinate your Walk In Music, your dining lines, and your toasts and speeches. We will also lead all of your special dances, events, party games and anything else you want to do. Just relax and enjoy the party - we've got the rest!

AND DON'T FORGET - You also get a DJ with over two decades of experience entertaining and performing for groups all over the midwest! 

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