Frequently Asked questions


How much do you charge?

The number ONE question!

You have a budget you need to keep and we understand that. That is why we offer Premium Entertainment at a Reasonable Cost! Your friends and family will remember all the fun they had!

Our rate for a wedding includes everything listed on our "WEDDING" page and is only $600! A $200 deposit is needed to reserve your date, and the balance of $400 is due at your event.

If you have requests or needs that are not covered in our normal services, let me know and I will see what extra charges - if any, are needed to meet your needs.

Costs on other events such as karaoke, tailgates, parties and fundraisers will vary depending on the specifics of the event.

What if a computer, speaker, random piece of equipment fails?

Your event is important and failure is not an option! All the equipment is redundant or has a back up. I use multiple laptops, have extra hard drives, an extra mixer, and always have back up copies of your requested special songs. Speakers and lights can all operate independently so no one piece can crash the entire party. My goal is to have ZERO catastrophic failures. With hundreds of events under our belt, we are achieving that goal!

Do you have reviews?

Yes. Please visit the "REVIEWS" page to see what our wonderful past clients have said about us! You can also visit us on Facebook to find more reviews.

Do you do The Shoe Game or other activities?

Absolutely! I love activities like the Shoe Game as they provide a break from everything else and bring all the attention back on the Bride and Groom. I have other games and karaoke available as well!

Do you do events other than weddings?

YES! Tailgates, fundraisers, reunions, pool parties, and karaoke! I love any sort of good party! Please contact me with your specifics for pricing!

Do you take requests and play the music WE want?

Yes Yes YES This is YOUR event! I am not there to play the music I like - I play the music YOU want hear! We will talk about your musical tastes and the guests that will be attending. You will get to tell me what songs you definitely want to hear and songs you do NOT want to hear. I take requests from your guests during the reception and there is even a way for your guests to submit requests to me before your event!


Why Do You Charge So Much Less, Yet Offer So Much More?

I LOVE entertaining people!! I do this because I enjoy it and because I feel that brides and grooms deserve to have an AMAZING reception without breaking the bank. AND - let's face it - the world can use more love, good times, and celebrations!

Do you require a deposit and what are my payment options?

We do require a deposit to reserve the date for your event. The balance is due on the day of your event. We accept major credit cards through our PayPal Account (fees may apply)  and also cash and checks.